1) право; привилегия
- prescribe the rights and duties
- regulate the rights and duties
- loss of a right to
- reversion of rights to
- accord a right
- abuse the rights
- acquire a right
- affect the right of the vessels
- annul rights
- arrogate to oneself a right
- assert upon one's rights
- stand upon one's rights
- call the rights into existence
- confer on smb. special rights
- contest a right
- deny a right
- claim a right
- disclaim a right
- enjoy a right
- enjoy one's rights
- enjoy full political rights
- exercise a right
- broaden the rights
- exercise civil and political rights
- exercise one's right to vote
- expand the rights
- give a right
- give a state the right to perform certain acts on the territory of another state
- grant the rights
- grant certain rights to foreign citizens
- grant the right to navigation
- have certain rights
- nullify the rights
- possess a right
- renounce tacitly one's rights
- prejudice smb.'s rights
- protect the rights
- reserve the right to do smth.
- reserve the right to terminate the contract
- reserve to oneself the right to do smth.
- vest a right
2) правильность, справедливость
- be in the right
- defend the right
3) обыкн. pl действительные факты, истинное положение вещей
- impair the treaty rights
- semi-automatic drawing rights in IMF
- safeguard sovereign rights
- fishery right in waters
- drawing rights in IMF
- extend the right of asylum
- connive at the violation of human rights
- enjoy the right of innocent passage
- respect fundamental rights of aliens
- accord women equal rights with men
- enjoy equal rights
- concede belligerent rights
- right of nations to self-determination
- enjoy the right of active and passive legation
- trample human rights
1. n (the Right) собир. полит.
правая партия, правые, консерваторы
2. a (часто Right) полит.
правый, реакционный
- right wing of a party

English-russian dctionary of diplomacy. 2014.

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